There are a lot of different kinds of heroes. Some never get acknowledged for their bravery.

There might even be an underlying message we should be listening to.

In todays political climate where loyalty of party apparently trumps the good of the country I salute Joe Lieberman. To fearlessly stand up for what he believes is right at the cost of losing his party affiliation — and possibly his career — should have netted him more than one small obscure news article. Here’s why:

It appears that putting country before party or what’s come to be known as “crossing the party line” is not allowed within the Democratic party as Joseph Lieberman is about to painfully witness.

Lieberman has aggressively challenged his party, particularly on issues of national security, terrorism and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The democratic party has had enough of his rogue behavior.

Today in Hartford, CT, Mr. Lieberman will be paying the ultimate price.

Joseph Lieberman’s aggressive campaigning for the Republican presidential nominee was the final straw with the Democratic Party leaders. Party members feel that Lieberman was “undercutting the election campaigns of Democratic candidates all across America” with his attacks on Sen. Barack Obama and the party in general, and of showing “extraordinary disloyalty to the countless Connecticut Democrats without whom his career as an elected official would never have been possible.”

The resolution calls for the committee to  “publicly censure and repudiate the words and actions of Joseph I. Lieberman, and ask of him that he resign as a member of the Democratic Party of the state of Connecticut.”

The committee will meet tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Hartford. It was not clear if they will take up the resolution, which did not bear the signatures of some key party leaders.


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