Obama on Abortion

Senator Obama is pro-choice. So much so, that he’s come under fire for what some call his radical views. Below is a video that speaks volumes about Obama’s stance on abortion.

Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice this story below may make you question your personal views on if or when one draws the line on abortion.

Today, I explore the rumors and truths about Obama’s stance on abortion.

Firstly, let me explain how voting works in the state of Illinois. Obama has come under fire for voting “present” while in the Illinois legislature. In fact, he has been cited as voting “present” 129 times in Illinois.

A vote of “present” in Illinois is “a no vote with an explanation.” Legally, there’s not much difference between the two votes, but practically, it can let the sponsors or other legislators know of problems with the bill that should be corrected.”  It’s counted as a “NO” vote.

Jill Stanek, a nurse in Chicago stepped forward to tell her personal story about Obama and abortion. You can read this story by doing a google search and find her story all over the internet. I’ve linked three stories for your convenience —  National Review Online, Town Hall, and World Net Daily. The account is consistent and easily verified.

In 1999, Nurse Stanek worked in the maternity ward at Christ Hospital in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago, which is affiliated with the United Church of Christ. (Does that church name ring a bell?)

That year she witnessed an event that was so appalling to her that she spoke out publicly about the hospital procedure termed “induced labor abortion.”

She describes what happened one day while working on the maternity ward…

Babies born through induced labor abortion occasionally are born alive, but left unattended will die quickly. One particular incident involved a child with downs syndrome that was aborted. The child lived through the procedure and was placed in the soiled laundry room to die. After Stanek rocked and cradled the fetus until it died fourty-five minutes later.

From that point forward, Stanek started speaking out publicly about her observations and experiences. Obama was resistant to the ensueing movement to end induced labor abortion.

Stanek later took it to the congressional level.

The Illinois branch of the Planned Parenthood organization has given him a “100 percent” pro-choice voting rating and depicted the present votes as part of a previously agreed strategy to provide political cover for other legislators.

During his time as a state senator, no major pro-choice organization questioned Obama’s present votes. Instead, Obama received endorsements from Personal PAC, NARAL of Illinois PAC, the Illinois Planned Parenthood Council, and, YES, EVEN Illinois NOW.

The presumptive Democratic nominee responded sharply in an interview Saturday night with the Christian Broadcast Network, saying anti-abortion groups were “lying” about his record.

“They have not been telling the truth,” Mr. Obama said. “And I hate to say that people are lying, but here’s a situation where folks are lying.”

He added that it was “ridiculous” to suggest he had ever supported withholding lifesaving treatment for an infant. “It defies common sense and it defies imagination, and for people to keep on pushing this is offensive,” he said in the CBN interview.

Below are the bills regarding abortion that Obama voted on in Illinois. Attached are the links of the entire bill on record.

1997 Votes (90th session)
SB 230  — Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. Senate approved bill 44-7, with five senators voting present, including Obama.

HB 382 — Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. House version, passed Illinois State Senate, adopted as law. Under the bill, doctors who perform partial-birth abortions could be sent to prison for one to three years. The woman would not be held liable.

2001 Votes (92nd session)
HB 1900 — Parental Notice of Abortion Act. Bill passed 38-10, with nine present votes, including Obama.

SB 562 — Parental Notice of Abortion Act. Bill passed Senate 39-7, with 11 present votes, including Obama.

SB 1093 — Law to protect Liveborn children. Bill passed 34-6, with 12 present, including Obama.

SB 1094 — Bill to protect children born as result of induced labor abortion. Bill passed 33-6, with 13 present, including Obama.

SB 1095 — Bill defining “born alive” defines “born-alive infant” to include infant “born alive at any stage of development.” Bill passed 34-5, with nine present, including Obama.


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