Hitch Balls and Air Pressure

When you go back through the archives you can better understand how Obama made that clueless statement about tire pressure. Obama doesn’t know much about truck parts either…

In a September, 2007 GQ piece, reporter Ryan Lizza describes another Obama moment:

…during a swing through New Hampshire, where he rented a Sunseeker RV, loaded up his wife and two little girls, and “vacationed” in the state’s scenic North Country, all the while being trailed by a busload of photographers and reporters, numerous staff vehicles, and half a dozen Secret Service agents. Despite the phoniness of the trip, there was one candid moment … We stopped at a picturesque redbrick general store… As Obama stood at the counter paying, he looked quizzically at a display of trailer-hitch covers dressed in the guise of moose and turkeys. Turning to the phalanx of cameramen and reporters, Obama bravely wondered, “Who knows what a hitch ball is? This is a hitch-ball cover. We don’t know what a hitch ball is. Anybody know?” A cameraman politely explained that it’s the silver thing on the back of a truck used to tow a trailer. “Oh, I see,” Obama said, looking as if he was doing a mental calculation about whether this was one of those moments the press would use to make it seem like he’s out of touch.

After BO made his statement that gained national fame and became the laughing stock of the country regarding tire pressure, he’s been losing his temper.

Obama would publicly say, “There are things that you can do individually though to save energy; making sure your tires are properly inflated, simple thing, but we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tune-ups. You could actually save just as much.”

That quote can be found on the internet videos of his speech coming from his own lips. Sadly, I was unable to find that specific initial quote in print through a major news source.

I did,  however, find later quotes that tire and auto specialists made along with a new quote BO made that tire inflation could save on gas mileage. The major press was kind enough to pick up on the later quote without his gaffe.

It’s no wonder Obama’s statement was made the butt of jokes. It’s elementary that keeping our tires filled somewhere between the factory specifications of the automobile and factory specifications of the tire gives better mileage – thus saving energy. We all know that. AAA, tire and auto manufacturers have been telling us that for years and we all agree.

What the whole country thought was hilarious was that Obama told is that keeping our tires filled would save as much in gasoline as all the oil we’d get off of drilling here in our country.

Was he just so wrapped up in the moment that he didn’t take time for a reality check to think about what he was saying?

I wish BO would have pointed out that the inflation limit on the tire could interfere with the optimum handling performance suggested by the automobile manufacturer for the specific model car those tires are mounted on. There are safety standards in place and a blanket statement about inflating your tires is a dangerous statement for a lay person to make.

Secondly, modern cars don’t need “tune-ups” these days. That’s what those computer systems onboard do. They’re self-adjusting.

Obama meant well – at 47 years old, he doesn’t know anything about the subject and probably elaborated on something one of his campaign advisors told him to say.

Obama has probably never lifted the hood of a car in his life.

Then there was the other HUGE catastropy when the Democrats–who had a show of bad form–went into a five week recess in spite of the Republican Congress holding it’s “Modern Day Boston Tea Party”  in an effort to solve the gas price problem.

In response to the situation, Senator McCain said he would be willing to put his campaign on hold to go back to Washington, DC.

Not a peep out of Obama. He went to Hawaii for vacation instead.

Obama is having to deal with his campaign problems and apparently isn’t concerned with what’s happening on the “Hill”.

As the week comes to a close, it comes as no surprise to me that BO had to put himself into a time out because of his temper this week.

Maybe he’ll contemplate other ways to save energy while on his flight back to Hawaii.  Or maybe he’s discussed energy saving strategies with the pilot of his spacious 757 campaign plane he bumps around the world in whilst we all try to find ways to get to work next week.


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