The Obama Prayer

“What initially seemed to be a journalistic scoop of dubious moral propriety now seems to be a case of an Israeli paper being played by the Barack Obama campaign,” reported the Israel Insider.

On July 24th, on an early Thursday morning, Senator Obama visited Jerusalem’s holiest place. The 2,000 year old Western Prayer Wall. He solemly placed a prayer between the stones at the wall. It’s considered a direct communication to the Creator.

Dozens of people were waiting for Obama as he arrived for the pre-dawn visit that was not announced to the public.

The second most popular newspaper in Israel, the Ma’Ariv, got hold of his piece of paper and published the very private prayer.

“Lord – Protect my family and me. Forgive me my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.”

Across America headlines like Student apologizes for taking Obama prayer; Yeshiva Student Who Dug Obama’s Prayer Note from Western Wall Feels Guilty, Atones; What Did Obama Learn on His Overseas Trip?; Rabbi condemns release of purported Obama prayer note;

But when a Jerusalem lawyer petitioned the attorney general to order a police investigation regarding the incident the truth came out.

A statement from a spokesperson from Ma’ariv, the newspaper that published the private note said:

“Barack Obama’s note was approved for publication in the international media even before he put in the Kotel, a short time after he wrote it at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. In any case, since Obama is not a Jew, publishing the note does not constitute an infringement on his right to privacy.”

It appears that the religious note was intentionally “leaked.”

UPDATE 7/30/08 — A new editorial has been released this morning from the Israel Insider explaining the mixed messages which includes a VIDEO  showing the person who took the prayer.

A “…video appeared on YouTube that blended Obama’s Western Wall prayer with various church scenes, crosses, a dove of peace, and a soundtrack based on Amazing Grace. The video closes with a “vote” button and an invitation to visit the official campaign website.”


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