Money Buys Everything: Will the Homeless or Snubbed Wounded Soldiers Bite?

Newly Painted 757

Newly Painted 757

As we all know, BO is spending a week overseas. Presumably to add foreign policy credentials to his resume. With him hiring 300 (THREE HUNDRED) foreign policy advisors how could he do wrong? How much did that cost I wonder.

I heard bits and pieces of his speeches while he was away. I found it disingenuous that he told our foreign friends that he was not there to campaign but rather there as an American citizen. He went on to say “he looked different” – I take offense to him throwing out the race card – yet again. I don’t believe Condilisa Rice or Colan Powell say that when they visit our foreign friends. Shame on you Obama.

Then, while in Germany, two different military base visits to wounded soldiers were cancelled. The story varies-depending on who’s telling it.

The Pentagon issued a statement that regulations prohibit a candidate for office from being accompanied by campaign staff when visiting a military base.” Senate staff would have been OK, but, as it turns out, campaign staff is all he had in tow. Clearance for his plane to land on the base was authorized. Could he have left his campaign staff on board the plane for awhile or was visiting the soldiers becoming too much of an inconvenience?

The Obama campaign has indicated the Pentagon interfered with its decision to visit U.S. troops at the Ramstein and Landstuhl U.S. military bases in Germany. Well… in BO legal speak that’s technically true.

So… If Mr. Obama was not overseas to “campaign” to foreign countries-as he stated in his speeches–why is it that the only staff he had on board his newly painted plane were campaign staff?

I’ve also heard rumblings that while in Afghanistan, Obama snubbed the soldiers – although I can’t verify the validity to that rumor.

And while I’m on the subject of Obamas’ behavior. Is it just me or does he seem to be trying to demonstrate all the suggestions printed in the book titled “The Secret”?  (Didn’t his good friend 0prah have a show about it?) He’s ACTING like he’s already President — just like the book would suggest. He’s calling his plane “O Force One.” His staff was overheard referring to him as “President Obama.” Isn’t this behavior a bit too much make believe? Or is it arrogance?

Today while BO is in London I can’t help but reflect how much money he’s been spending. He raised $52 million in June and will NEED every penny because his campaign has 1,400 workers on the payroll and is still hiring more. If you’re with the “change” machine — money is no object. Is there anything that leads you to believe there will be a “change” of spending habits once he has access to your tax dollars?

Here, back in the states, whispers of how Denver plans on hiding the 4,000 homeless people who call downtown Denver “home” has started erupting in the news.

Is the Democratic National Convention trying to sanitize the streets of Denver for the big event? Denver states “They will not ‘sweep’ homeless people away or try to hide them, but will seek to engage them in the process.” That process is to offer free movie tickets and free bus tokens to the homeless. Others will stroll around the Denver Zoo or Museum of Nature and Science. And others will play bingo.

“This isn’t unusual … The whole homeless provider community routinely offers access to public events for people experiencing homelessness,” a spokesperson said.

Wouldn’t it be a gas if a reporter went undercover as a homeless person to see if they sign them up for the vote like rumours allege?

Why don’t they invite the homeless to the DNC events for the community experience? Everyone else seems to be going.

It’s not just the Denver homeless. Advocacy groups and shelters across the country have stepped up efforts to register the 3.5 million  homeless for this years’ vote.

Has anyone stopped to consider the vast amounts of money being spent?

Has a single voter – in a lucid moment – stopped to consider a single thing that BO has done that indicated a reigning in of our tax dollars? What makes you believe he will treat your tax money any differently than his campaign money? It’s all “free” money, right?

Every time I turn around I see more money being poured out. His campaign promises will all cost not only more tax dollars but will include hiring of more government employees.

Has anyone stopped to think who’s going to pay? Those will be YOUR tax dollars.

Do you really believe that after he’s squeezed every cent out of “them” he isn’t going to come after YOU through added EXCISE taxes?

My question remains the same…

Do you believe the government has enough of your tax money to accomplish what they need to do?


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