Equatable press coverage?

I was reading yesterday about how the three top anchors from NBC, ABC and CBS are traveling with BO overseas.

Am I the only one who feels the media is WAY biased? Am I the only one troubled by what’s going on?

John McCain took three foreign trips in the past four months, all unaccompanied by a single network anchor. Where were they when Big John went abroad?

Does anyone else see how biased the press is?

Then today I woke up to the news saying that BO had 300 – THREE HUNDRED – policy advisers.

BO wants the presidency SO bad that he’s hired THREE HUNDRED policy advisors?

BO raised $52M for his campaign in June. The press focused on his fundraising in California. Not a peep was said about his two fundraisers in China. Did YOU know BO was fundraising in China? Legally only a US citizen can contribute to a campaign.

Did you know that according to the Federal Election Commission says “If you contribute more than $200 to a committee, the committee is required to USE IT’S BEST EFFORTS to collect and publicly disclose on a financial report your name, address, occupation and employer, as well as the date and amount of your contribution.”

The BO campaign “prides” itself on all those small donations.

BO won another election by running his opponent out of funds. Will he do that again in this election?


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