I couldn’t put my finger on it …until today (part 3)

Cactus in bloom

A cactus in bloom -- fascinating or dangerous?

In previous posts I’ve made reference to my V-8 moment. I’ve tried to research all I can about B.O. For me, it’s important to see his voting record and legislation introduced first hand to get a good feel for who he is. As I’ve mentioned before, the press isn’t playing fair. The press can’t be trusted for unbiased information anymore.

I started by going to his senate bio and work from there.

My intrigue and suspicions became deeper when “things” started changing out here on the internet. “Things” that probably wouldn’t have made much difference to me and  would have probably gone unnoticed had “someone” not changed facts.

These days when I think of BO, that’s the only “change” I can believe in. Well, that and the last bit of change in my pocketbook he wants to take.

But a digress.

I started my research at the Senate website. His biography was my first stop. It was what you would expect, dry, boring and short. Nothing stood out. The basic facts. The one thing that did catch my eye was that he made a point of saying he was a member of the “Trinity United Church of Christ” in his bio. Well, gee, BO, if your church is THAT important to you – then it’s important for me to take a look see at this church you’re so proud of.

In writing this post, I could kick myself because I knew better. “Change” has happened again.

I had originally read his bio BEFORE the whole Rev. Wright incident.

After the incident blew up  in his face I went back to the Senate website and the church name had been changed from “Trinity United Church of Christ” to “United Church of Christ.” I didn’t think much of the “change.” Now…there is no mention whatsoever about his religious belief structure.

The Senate bio page has “changed” again into what I term “a vote for me flyer.” Our BO has wised up that people like me are researching people like him.

I should have saved that Senate bio page on my hard drive – like I’ve started saving everything else on my hard drive about BO. -because of the “change” that keeps happening.

I digress, again.

Did you know that during his reign in 2000, gasoline prices were highest in Chicago history? A new requirement by the Environmental Protection Agency for cleaner-burning gasoline hit Chicago especially hard. Add to that a county tax of a 6 cents per gallon motor fuel in his county. The American Automobile Association reported that Illinois gas prices were the highest of any state in the continental United States.

I would guess that is when “he” initiated the gas tax holiday and it failed. That’s why he criticized Senator McCain and Senator Clinton for the crazy azz idea. He neglected to tell all of America he’d already tried that scheme and the outcome was horrible.

…to be continued


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