I couldn’t put my finger on it … until today (part 2)

Cactus in bloom

A cactus in bloom -- fascinating or dangerous?

Yesterday I made a blog statement describing how, after endless researching, I had a V-8 moment. I made a u-turn to see what kind of “wake” B.O. (Obama) left behind in Illinois, right? Have you looked to see what’s going on over there?

If you agree with me that looking at Chicago could be a window into what the whole country could look like if given the opportunity to expand Obama’s ideas than we’re both on the same track.

Politicians and lawyers always seem to have the same type of language when they talk. They speak in a very precise way. What I mean when I say that is, for instance, when President Clinton stood in front of millions of Americans and said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Well… technically he was right, in politician/legal speak.

I’ve watched the campaign speeches and find it interesting how B.O. also seems to ride on the political/legal speak bus. He rides a fine line on semantics. (semantics — loosely, deliberate distortion or twisting of meaning, as in some types of advertising, propaganda. etc.)

Remember when the whole Rev. Wright thing exploded? B.O.’s public reply was “I never sat in that church and heard him say those things.” Well, technically, I’m sure he was speaking truthfully – if put on the “stand.”

Technically he never SAT IN CHURCH and heard those words. I have no doubt he did hear those words — B.O. plays semantics games. Those tapes were proudly on sale to the public via his church website, Trinity United Church of Christ of Chicago. I’m certain he knew about those tapes. I’m certain he heard the talk before – he just never SAT IN THE CHURCH and heard that particular sermon.

Just words. If you watch his speeches and listen to the words – the specific words he uses — you’ll find that there is a special style that he uses.

Remember how he told you that he will lower your payroll tax? I believe he is speaking in semantics.

Firstly, after looking over his campaign promises I can’t imagine how he can lower your payroll taxes and still provide all the campaign promises. Even if we didn’t have a war we are running in the negative figures financially. How then would the government generate all that revenue? (the V-8 moment)

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the government will start generating revenue in a steep fashion in other ways?

Did you know that Chicago currently has the highest tax in any major US city at 10.25 percent?

I’ve uncovered some very interesting ways they generate revenue 

~to be continued

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